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Women Who Reign

Ashely Busche

When we set about launching Monarch Reign, we relied on two foundational values to lead our inspiration: the beauty and design of nature and the sovereignty and power of women. We sought to establish a community of women beyond our customer base that catered to an overarching initiative of empowerment and support. Consequently, every woman who purchases our suits automatically joins the Monarch Reign family— a circle of strong women who lift each other up and inspire monarchical leadership. A matriarch of monarchs, if you will. We want to give back a sliver of the inspiration you all have given us this season with our new initiative: Women Who Reign. 

Women Who Reign is a means of highlighting women in Ashley’s life who have inspired, supported, and encouraged her. The idea for Women Who Reign came to Ashley when she defined the purpose of Monarch Reign: “My company is so much more than the swimsuits we put up on our website— Monarch Reign is a symbol of confidence and self-love; it is a way to unite women across the country who are pursuing their passion without restraint. My life is undoubtedly shaped by the strong women around me, and I want to acknowledge that and build a network of support and recognition.

The first woman who I thought of was actually Serena Williams. Her strength, perseverance,  and exceptional athletic ability is unmatched in her sport. She doesn’t compromise— she is a mother, athlete, and all-around icon, and is the epitome of a reigning woman. This is the kind of remarkable character I want to draw attention to!”

Overtime, we hope to build a network of Women Who Reign; a community of pioneering women who wear Monarch Reign not only for the quality, but for the values and matriarchs that we support. We believe that it is our responsibility to showcase the unique style of our customers and the women who have inspired them, creating a community where behind every strong woman is a network of even stronger, timeless women.

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