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The Perfect Illusion

The Perfect Illusion

Let’s talk mesh. Mesh might scare you because you feel like you are bearing it all.  On the contrary, well-executed embroidered detailing allows you to play with styles and cuts that perhaps you shied away from in the past. Mesh has been and still is an excellent fashion illusion, and our signature mesh offers coverage that is flattering yet alluring. Monarch Reign’s Mesh suits are also incredibly versatile. Our mesh one-piece doubles as a bodysuit and looks fantastic when paired with denim shorts, jeans, or for a more edgy look some fun leather pants.    

So now that we’ve convinced you that mesh is for everyone, how do you select your colorway? Here are some tips:

Teal:  For the color lover. This gorgeous hue of teal shimmers just like the sea. The color pops on everyone, but truly shines on a deep bronze skin tone.  

Nude:  For the adventurous and bold, the nude colorway accentuates the illusion of nothing that the mesh already embodies.  

Black: For the classic but never understated. Slimming and seductive, the black mesh gives the impression of a bit more coverage than the other colorways while still being eye-catching.  

Every mesh suit from Monarch is made with meticulous attention to detail and intricately embroidered pieces. Shop our one-piece’s or a variety of separates in each colorway on and remember you deserve, nothing but the best!
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