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The 2020 Swimwear Trends In Review

The 2020 Swimwear Trends In Review

There has been a shift in fashion industry—exacerbated by the Covid19 pandemic, certainly, but ultimately inspired by a fresh mindset that has altered the way we engage with fashion altogether. The change lies in the driving force of fashion; gone are the days of dressing to impress, here are the days of dressing for yourself. And these days are here to stay—it reflects the internally-driven expression of fashion that has taken over social media like wildfire, igniting a new age of creative exploration and personal style.

This kind of mindset shift is especially apparent in the swimwear industry, where women have harnessed the design of the swimsuit to lean into body positivity and self-love. Especially during the isolation of Covid-19, the swimsuit has come to represent the purest form of self-compassion and heart—even without the usual audience, people are still wearing beautiful swimsuits because elegance and self-love is a timeless form of redemption.

From an industry perspective, 2020 swimwear is infused with bold patterns and dramatic cuts; think tie-dye prints, ruched ties, and plunging necklines. The most recent season has seen some new players—accessorized belts, asymmetrical designs, and supplemental fabrics, to name a few—and revisited our favorite designs with underwire bikini tops, high-waisted bottoms, and classic one-piece suits. Monarch Reign checks all of these boxes with the Blue Butterfly Kaleidoscope Cut Out One-Piece; with the the stability of a cohesive one-piece bathing suit and the allure of a sexy bikini, the Kaleidoscope cutout one piece is the perfect hybrid of reliability, quality, and striking design. Our classic Mesh Entranced One Piece continues to adapt and grow with each season; subtle seams, intricate embroidery, and the arc open back come together to form the elegant exposé of the one-piece.

Above all, Monarch Reign reflects the intuition of women to dress for themselves. We support women in their purest form; we believe, like the two sides of the butterfly, that a woman's beauty in a swimsuit can only be measured by her most organic spirit.

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