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Meet the Designer of Monarch Reign: Who is Ashley Busch?

Meet the Designer of Monarch Reign: Who is Ashley Busch?

Meet the Designer: Who is Ashley Busch?

When you spend most of the year traveling, you are bound to collect a lot of swimwear. Founder and designer of Monarch Reign, Ashley Busch, is no stranger to collecting suits and creating her own unique style for a beach getaway or a lazy lounge by the pool. The award-winning Polo player is now dipping her toe into the waves of the fashion world, starting with swimwear.  The first collection is poised to debut with timeless styles and intricate designs that are sure to make a splash.  Meet the woman behind the brand and how she went from horses to high-end swimwear.


What was your inspiration for starting a swimwear brand?
I have always had an interest in fashion and design and one item in my closet that I have always collected is swimwear. So, I thought why not create a fashion brand and launch with swimwear. I have always felt like swimwear captures the essence of vacation and can take you back to your favorite tropical destination right away. There is never a bad day when you are in a swimsuit.


What tips would you give regarding choosing the right swimsuit?
Make sure the suit is comfortable and supportive. The most important part of choosing a swimsuit is that you feel like your best self while wearing it!


What accessories do you love to pair with swimsuits?
I love a fun beach bag and a great pair of sunglasses. Can never have too many sunglasses! 


What excites you most about launching Monarch Reign?
Seeing my designs and vision come to life and having people feeling fabulous while wearing my suits. 


What's the meaning behind Monarch Reign? 
It’s inspired by the Monarch butterfly.  Their power combined with poise and elegance embody the feminine spirit. They have so many interesting attributes that remind me of the endless possibilities that are out there. All driven by hope, strength, and encouragement.


What has been your favorite part of the design experience so far?
Creating new and unique styles and designing the embroidery for the mesh suits. 

Get to know Ashley Busch:

First thing I do in the morning: 
Say good morning to my husband, have a cup of coffee, and check my phone. 

If I could only wear one swimsuit style for the rest of your life, I would choose:
Tie side bikini 

Last show your binge watched: 
Riverdale, You, and Mr. Robot 

Favorite beach/poolside snack:
Fresh fruit and coconut water or Piña Colada.

A book that changed you for the better? 
The daily stoic is a must read for everyone! Or the subtle art of not giving a F*ck. 

Three essentials to your day that are in your purse: 
La Mer chapstick, wet wipes, and Biologique Recherche facial mist, this is especially great to use on flights! 

Most used fun app on your phone:
Does Instagram count? 

Dream vacation destination:
Thailand or Japan and St Barths is always a yes... 

Artists on your workout playlist:
Nelly 100% 

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