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How To Take Care Of Your Swimsuit

How To Take Care Of Your Swimsuit

You know how they say you should always check in with those you love, especially the ones who seem the strongest? The same should be said for fashion, and, of all the articles of clothing in your closet, the swimsuit is one of the most indestructible — think about it, in any given afternoon, the swimsuit can be immersed in water, coated in sunscreen, and left in the sun for hours, all while maintaining an ephemeral guise and comfortable touch. It is no small order for such a delicate design!

Today, we want to help you give some love to the swimsuits that have given us so much over the years. The swimsuit will surely outlive all of us, but we want to take responsibility to do our part and take care of what we can — take a look below for your guide to protecting, fortifying, and nurturing your swimsuit.

Rinse your swimsuit as soon as you take it off.

Body oils, chlorine, and other chemicals can soak into the fabric and cause it to lose its shape, so the faster you can put your suit in water (and the longer you can let it soak), the better.


Wash your suit with a gentle detergent

When it comes time to washing your suit, use a gentle detergent or swimsuit cleaner (link here). When possible, wash your suit by hand and avoid putting it in the dryer. The heat from the dryer and the texture of the washing machine can fade your suit’s color and compromise the delicate consistency of the fabric.


Dry your suit with a towel

If you are able to successfully avoid the dryer, there is a certain way to dry your suit that avoids wringing it out and hanging it on a clothesline — place your suit on a towel, roll it up with the swimsuit inside, and compress it softly to dry your suit without stretching it out or damaging it.


Preventative measure: avoid rough surfaces

While you’re wearing your swimsuit, avoid sitting on coarse texture. An uneven surface can snag the fabric and cause the material to deteriorate.


Try not to leave your suit in the sun

In a pinch, leave your suit to dry in the shade whenever possible — direct sunlight can fade the colors and erode your suit.

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