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Be One With Nature | The Inspiration Behind Spring/Summer 21

Butterfly Print

Be One With Nature

We caught up with our founder, Ashley Busch, to talk about the vision behind this collection: 

Ashley grew up in the countryside of Virginia, on a farm with a sea of green grass, rolling hills and gardens filled with dahlias, daisies, and Virginia wildflowers all planted by her Mom. 

She drew her inspiration for this Spring/Summer 21 collection directly from these exquisite gardens, as she describes as “the most lush, vibrant, and effortlessly beautiful places on the property”, and hand picked each fabric, color and texture, mimicking the flower arrangements her Mom would put together and place in each nook of their home. Ultimately, creating a collection that reflected summers on the farm in it’s most authentic form.

AB: "As a Monarch Reign signature, I created this new butterfly print with a technique that features a vibrant water color pattern. Our butterflies represent the renewal of nature and everything blooming in color. This print is also featured in our new ready-to-wear styles."

AB: "I wanted to include a seersucker fabric to transform our classic styles and knew the texture had to be something natural yet luxurious and inviting. These pieces are a timeless staple.”



AB: “Introducing a bright lime green as the pop color was exciting to me and reflected the green plants and vibrancy in the garden. My favorite way to style this lime green is simply with a summer tan!”



AB: “This collection is my favorite to date because of the variety of colors, textures, and styles. We also introduced our ready-to-wear, creating versatile pieces that can be effortlessly worn on any occasion.”

 We hope you love this collection as much as we do and it inspires you to enjoy nature and the beauty of the outdoors!


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