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The Little Black Bathing Suit: The Essential We Didn’t Know We Needed

The Little Black Bathing Suit: The Essential We Didn’t Know We Needed

I like to think of building the perfect outfit like building the perfect house: I start with solid foundations, maybe I’ll add a second layer, I choose statement pieces carefully, and then, and only then, can I consider adding a bright front door. And like every well-designed house, a good outfit should make you feel something. It takes effort, intention, taste. The same goes for swimsuits. Just as every house is not a home, a bathing suit is so much more than just an assemblage of the nearest materials.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Like I said before, the perfect bathing suit depends on a perfect foundation— I’m talking fit-for-any-occasion, looks-good-on-every-body, stronger-thanthe-fast-fashion-trends kind of foundation. A classic look. Timeless. Sophisticated. Sexy.

There is only one medley of threads and stitches that can answer this tall order: The Little Black Bathing Suit (or, as we’ve been calling it, the “LBBS”, trademark pending). Complete with the enduring elegance of The Little Black Dress and infused with a modern swimwear twist, The Little Black Bathing Suit is here to check all the boxes and make you look good while you do it. The LBBS is straightforward, effortless even, but it possesses powers of magical proportions: it transcends age, matches every skin tone, and gets along with every accessory. Throw on a pair of shorts and a pair of statement earrings and you’ve found my official uniform for the next six months.

The LBBS speaks to a universal design, and we have a style that caters to every scene:


Take the Underwire Bikini Top. This black top is comfortable. dependable, and the most versatile of our styles. The underwire bra top is perfect for those who need a little extra support: these tops are built with sewn-in wiring that is placed in a U-shape underneath the breast, and is designed to provide separate, lift, and support you where you need it.


Next up: the Triangle String Bikini Top. If our bathing suits could appear as punctuation marks, this one would be the exclamation point! It is both versatile but playful; exciting but trustworthy. The flexibility of the triangle string bikini top starts with design itself— the straps are adjustable at the neck and shoulders, allowing you to choose what feels most comfortable for you.


The Fixed Triangle Top is our hybrid LBBS model. It is flirty, fun, and functional— it shows more skin than the underwire bikini top, but the triangle top is fixed and stitched into place (meaning, no need to worry about a wardrobe malfunction next time you have to dive for beach volleyball!).


And last but not least, the black mesh one-piece suit: the hand-stitched butterfly detail offers a more colorful take on the classic LBBS, while the black mesh presents a sexy outline of the body. It is characteristically powerful, distinctly memorable, and absolutely beautiful.

Dress it down with a lazy sunhat, iced tea, and a long sunset, or dress it up with statement sunglasses and a mimosa— what else can I say about the Little Black Bathing Suit that hasn’t been said? All that's left to do is reiterate what is already a given: the LBBS is an essential piece of the creative’s and minimalist’s closets. Don’t have one? You’re not too late: follow the link below to get yours now!

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