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2021: the year of Metamorphosis

2021: the year of Metamorphosis


Beginnings always hide themselves in endings. Some transformations are more obvious, like the end of one year and the beginning of a new, but some are more nuanced: take the butterfly, for example. Caterpillars experience metamorphosis to become butterflies, but at what point exactly does caterpillar cease to exist and a butterfly rise to take its place? At what point can we measure our growth? Its this space of in-betweenness, where the growth has yet to materialize but the growing pains are evident, that we find ourselves doubting the process. But this is where the true cycle of growth begins; where we cultivate resilience and push through the discomfort in pursuit of a fuller life. 

With that in mind, we are designating 2021 the year of the metamorphosis. Just as the journey is worth more than the destination itself, the growth and resilience that the Monarch community epitomizes is so much more valuable than our “final” accomplishments. To truly be successful is to constantly seek discomfort and continue to transform with the times; after all, if there were never any changes, we would never see the butterfly come to life.

In the spirit of a new season, Monarch Reign is preparing a metamorphosis of its own—a new collection, inspired by organic form and elevated earthly scenes, has been taking shape behind the scenes. We’re not ready to give away too much just yet, but take comfort in knowing that we are riding the waves of change and uncertainty right there with you. 

To memorialize the past and prepare to welcome the new, we are assembling our favorite pieces from the Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. With its delicate details and Hawaiian color schemes, the SS20 collection will linger in our minds; there is a certain promise in the aesthetic, a sense of escapism and charming adventure yet to be had. 

The Entranced Blue Mesh

Isolated to the SS20 collection, the turquoise mesh is the diamond of the season. The sparkling blue deepens when submerged in water, and evokes the enticing tide pools of tropical islands and Hawaiian currents. In the plunging design of the Entranced one-piece cut, the turquoise tones complement the curves of the body with organic dips and embroidered details.


The Blue Butterfly Indra Bandeau

Refined, minimalist, and sophisticated: this clean-cut bandeau supports, highlights, and loves your curves, all while maintaining absolute comfort and style. Pictured in the blue butterfly print, a colorful homage to the tropical landscape and organic form.

Teal Kaleidoscope Cut-Out 


With the stability of a cohesive one-piece bathing suit and the allure of a sexy bikini, the Kaleidoscope cutout one piece is the perfect hybrid of reliability and striking design. Pictured here in the sustainable teal fabric.

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