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Our masks are made from light and breathable swim fabric in our signature Butterfly print.  Each mask is lined with anti-microbial mesh and comes with one disposable carbon filter.

Our masks are non-medical, washable masks with elastic.  Stay safe and remember:

-Wash your hands before placing the mask on your face and after you remove it
-Make sure the mask fits snug on your face without any gaps and adjust if needed
-It’s still best practice to not touch your face when wearing this or other masks


Fabric Information:

Nylon/Polymaid/Polyurethane fabric is the easiest choice for swimwear as it is a "tough" material that can withstand the heavy use of constant body movements and is also resistant to shrinkage.  This classic swim fabric has a soft touch and provides excellent support.

Additional Information:

  • Fabric composition: 84% Nylon/Polymaid 16% Polyurethane 
  • Made in New York City
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