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Your next destination: Hydra Island

Your next destination: Hydra Island

Just an hour ferry from the bustle of Greece’s capital city lies an island town frozen in time: Hydra, located between the Gulf of Aegina and the Argolic Gulf, is famous for its stunning blue water, quiet seaside atmosphere, and remarkable ban on automobiles. The only way to reach the island is by water, but the journey is well worth the while — from the moment you step foot on Hydra, there is a palpable sense of peace; as the ferry fades into the distance, the motor music of normal life is replaced by gentle waves, a distant door closing, soft music playing from the second floor window of the hotel across the street. Perhaps that is what makes Hydra so extraordinary; the sheer stillness of the space is revitalizing on a cellular level, and time seems to fully disappear. Should you find yourself in the stunning paradise that is Hydra, we want you to be prepared — for everything from what to do, where to watch the sunset, what to drink, and where to explore, take a look below.



The favorability of activities in Hydra are arranged by their proximity to the water: walk to Vlichos beach to experience Hydra’s best pebble beach, dive off of rocks at Spilia beach, or take a water taxi to Bisti beach to explore the cove and beach caves. The water is made up of astounding shades of blues and greens — bring along our turquoise Monarch bikini to fit right in!


After a long day of soaking in the sun and salt of the island, the best place to unwind and watch the sun dip below the horizon is at the Sunset Restaurant on the edge of town. A frequent spot for intimate weddings, the Sunset Restaurant boasts delicious, fresh platters and stellar ocean views.



In an ideal world, you have spent the day in the water, the evening at Sunset Restaurant, and the night sipping cocktails at Hydronetta, a bar in the center of town with a view of the harbor. As the night goes on, relocate to Papagalos, another local bar right on the water; one review even dubs Papagalos as “the bar from the movie of your coolest dream.”



Take a cruise to the surrounding Islands, including Poros and Egina, or explore the hidden beaches around Hydra. If you’re motivated, there's even time to take a full day trip to Athens and make it back in time for the sunset.



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