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And yet, the Holiday Season is here!

And yet, the Holiday Season is here!


As of this week, the Monarch has completed its staggering year-long migration across North America—this 3,000 mile journey seems insurmountable to something as fragile as a butterfly, and yet. And yet! These delicate, beautiful creatures ascend the highest mountains and traverse the boundless plains in pursuit of a higher purpose; in the name of biological, primal duty, the butterfly has a heart of steel. 

All too often, 2020 has begged the same response: “and yet.” And yet, we continue on; and yet, we have still found joy; and yet, there is more to come. These two words, “and yet”, symbolize so much in so little: the strength of character to carry on, the heart to believe in a brighter future, a collective endorsement to keep the faith and keep marching on. Despite the insurmountable mountains and vast unknowns, we have flown on together—3,000 miles of frustrations and virtual hugs, 3,000 miles of resilience.

We may have not yet reached our final destination—our efforts against COVID19 are far from over—but together we have crossed great distances that we didn’t know we were capable of navigating. Like the Monarch butterfly, we have proven that we are more than the sum of our parts; we have proven that we are stronger together, with more love to share than ever before. This holiday season may be different from past years, and yet. And yet, we will adapt, we will find new ways to show our love, we will not give up on the holiday spirit. 

To help you get the ball rolling, we have assembled a collection of our favorite suits for this holiday—we have included a mix of the new and the classic, all with the signature Monarch quality and design.



Royal tones in Palace Green 

The Voyager bikini top offers a strong but simple silhouette, complete with a banded triangle bikini top with adjustable straps and hook back closure. The deep tones in the Palace Green offer an elevated and organic take on the classic design. 



Beauty in Blue Butterfly

In Monarch Reign's latest product drop, the Indra bandeau top set itself apart for its sophisticated and refined design. This clean-cut design supports, highlights, and loves your curves, all while maintaining absolute comfort and style.



Mix & Match

Explore our bikini tops and bottoms to create your distinct monarch style—consider the Rapture Seamless Bikini Bottom in Teal paired with the Voyager Bikini Top in Blue Butterfly.



Sustainability in Spades

With the stability of a cohesive one-piece bathing suit and the allure of a sexy bikini, the Kaleidoscope cutout one piece is the perfect hybrid of reliability, quality, and striking design. Pictured in our sustainable teal fabric. 



Monarch in Mesh

The Entranced one-piece suit is subtly sexy with sleek lines that plunge at the neckline, and arc for a low open back and open sides. Pictured in our classic hand-embroidered nude/natural mesh.


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