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The best beaches for Monarch Reign

The best beaches for Monarch Reign


These last few months have made the promise of future travel that much more elusive and glorified; even my morning coffee seems to whisper "what if you were having this coffee in espresso form... in Greece." The potential of an escape or adventure on the horizon is the only thing making this uncertain time bearable, and the Monarch Reign team has been pushing our travel vision board to the extreme. This week, we decided to share some of our inspiration — in these unusual times anything feels possible, and we're searching for a creative catalyst anywhere we can find it. So, without further ado, we present the best beaches in the world, chosen to match with our favorite Monarch Reign suits. 


Gouverneur Beach, St. Barths

We return to the white sands of St. Barths time and time again; there is a certain magic in the relaxed atmosphere and a sweetness to the sunshine that belongs exclusively to this tiny island. We recommend donning our Entranced Mesh One-Piece in Teal to match the tropical waters of the Caribbean. This suit is subtly sexy with sleek lines that plunge at the neckline, and arc for a low open back and open sides.


Honokalani Beach, Hawaii 

An all-time Monarch Reign favorite, Hawaii served as the leading inspiration for our Spring 2020 collection. We want to explore the black sands, piercing blue water, and deep green nature of Honokalani Beach in our brand new Palace Green Voyager bikini top and Rapture bikini bottom. The metallic shine of the Palace Green harmonizes with the natural vegetation of the Hawaiian landscape, and the Rapture bottom and Voyager top are perfectly designed to match your every movement. 

Elafonísi, Crete, Greece

The warm, subtle colors of the Monarch Reign nude mesh were practically made to be photographed on this beach. The blush pink sand meets the illuminated blue of the ocean in a gentle gradient of pastel, and the surrounding landscape boasts rare plants and wildflowers. Try the Allure High Waisted bikini bottom and the Monarch bikini top to bring your organic tones to life.

Banana Beach, Phuket, Thailand 

This island beach is an explosion of tropical color and activity — there are Banana Boat rides available, miles of jungle and beach to explore, and vibrant colors everywhere you turn. We envision the blue butterfly print lounging on the warm sand, matching the electric color of the ocean and vegetation. Slip into the Captivated Underwire bikini top and the Voyager bikini bottom for easy movement, effortless comfort, and subtle tan lines.



To write this blog post, Monarch Reign referenced an article by Condé Nast Traveler

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