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Our New Years Resolutions

Our New Years Resolutions


After a year of such uncertainty and turmoil, it feels somewhat out of place to assert our New Years resolutions. Setting goals implies a certain amount of capability and evident room for improvement, but reaching the end of this challenging year feels like an achievement in and of itself. So, before we delve into our objectives for the future, lets take a moment to reflect on the resilience and strength of character has brought us here today—through unprecedented economic uncertainty, social isolation, and cultural unrest, we're still standing. We made it to the turn of this chapter, and our existence is enough to celebrate this new year. You are all essential members of the Monarch Reign community, and we're so happy you're here. With that in mind, our intentions for the next 12 months are as follows: 


Practice Self Care

If this past year has taught us anything, it's the importance of cultivating a calm and healthy mindset. From practicing meditation in the morning, investing in skincare, or setting aside 30 minutes a day to sweat, we want to continue to prioritize wellness in the daily routine. 


Get More Sleep

The benefits are a good nights sleep are undeniable—according to a study by David Dinges from the University of Pennsylvania, people who sleep six hours a night for two weeks are just as cognitively compromised as people who have not slept for 24 hours straight ("the cognitive equivalent of being legally drunk."). To say nothing of the long-term benefits: stronger focus, better mood, healthier body, the list goes on and on. Check out this silk sleep mask from slip for a jump start on a better sleep pattern.


Prolong the Giving Spirit 

In a year of such heavy loss, the practice of giving is more important than ever—we want to continue to give back beyond the holiday season and strengthen our communities from the inside out. Some initiatives we hope to participate in include donating old blankets to animal shelters, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, and setting aside money each month to donate to a charity of choice. 


Learn Something New

Try a new recipe, walk on an unfamiliar path, read that book thats been on the shelf for months; we want to take advantage of the little things in the new year, and the opportunity to learn is the gift that keeps on giving.


The greatest New Years resolution we can impart to our following of Monarchs, however, is the hope that you all will appreciate yourselves more in the months to come—Monarch Reign is inspired by natural beauty and tireless strength of the women who wear our suits, and we would be nowhere without your resilience and heart. Cheers to you, we wish you all a bright and happy New Year!

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