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HAWAII: Our Spring/Summer 20' Inspo

HAWAII: Our Spring/Summer 20' Inspo

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection from Monarch Reign gathers its inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii. The beauty of the Big Island is unique, unlike any other place on earth. It’s in this one place that we get to be dazzled by the best of nature. Volcanic landscapes, amazing waterfalls, lush green mountain tops, and unbelievable blue waters. The physical beauty found in Hawaii inspires the natural beauty in ourselves that we long to find, accept, and promote in each other.  

Its varied landscape is the perfect backdrop to show a deeper and richer side of Monarch. When creating the Spring/Summer line, the expectation was to create silhouettes, patterns, and color schemes that are unforgettable once you see them. The same can be said about the beauty of Hawaii. Once you see it’s beauty, it stays with you always.

Colors you’ll find in this collection that were inspired by Hawaii include cobalt blue, seafoam teal, volcanic sand black, glistening aqua, with pops of emerald green and lanai orange.

Monarch’s signature butterfly remains a focal point in the Spring/Summer collection, as Hawaii is home to an extraordinary species of butterfly, the Kamehameha butterfly. The Kamehameha has similar markings as a Monarch, but is not found outside of Hawaii and is a protected species.

Hawaii sparks adventure far greater than most popular beach destinations.  

Hiking, snorkeling, and soaking in views of earth’s natural beauty in a larger-than-life setting is an ideal landscape for a Monarch Reign woman who seeks adventure and peace when exploring.

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