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Four New Monarch Designs

Four New Monarch Designs

Just in time for the last few weeks of summer, Monarch Reign is releasing four new styles. Like all great labors of love, however, these four designs are so much more than the sum of their stitches and colors — they are an encapsulation of natural beauty and movement, made to match every move your body is capable of. 

A flock of butterflies, known as a “kaleidoscope” in nature, was the leading inspiration for our Kaleidoscope cut-out one piece: panels of fabric intertwine across the body in a bikini/one-piece hybrid, symbolizing the delicacy and power that the butterfly so gracefully embodies. The teal fabric, pictured below on the kaleidoscope, is made in our sustainable nylon for an environmentally responsible future. The Indra bandeau, named for the Hindu god of rivers and rain, is minimalist and dignified. The seamless suits are a realm of possibly; sewn for longevity and action, built to be lived in. 

In this way, these suits are not the destination; they are the dynamic force of change that adapts and grows with you, powerful with potential and timeless in design. Dive in.

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