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Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

There is beauty in even the smallest signs of the earth’s natural forces: it can be as subtle as the dew in the early morning, the smell of afternoon rain in august, or soft glow of evening light. These moments of pure beauty are so fleeting, so ingrained in our daily routines that they pass us by without so much as second thought— but not today. Today, we want to blazon every expression of nature and remember the organic fabric that binds us all together; today, we are all constituents of the delicate ecosystem that is earth, and we are connected by our shared pursuit to make our world a better place. 

For our most recent campaign, we looked to nature for inspiration first and foremost. Yes, we agreed, nature can be delicate and gentle, but it can also be groundbreaking, powerful, written-in-all-caps kind of exceptional: it didn’t take us very long to land on the dramatic landscape of Hawaii. It is from this very landscape, this culmination of the earth’s greatest ecosystems, that we produced the creative platform for our Spring 2020 campaign. We took in everything that this corner of the world had to offer, from the striking mountains of Mauna Kea, to the soft shores of Maui, and every Hibiscus, Gardenia, and Lily in between.

Clearly, we draw inspiration from the natural world at Monarch Reign. We believe that it is critical to support and protect every caveat of earth’s ecosystems, encompassing everything from the fragile Monarch butterfly to the entirety of the world’s oceans. With this in mind, we have donated 10% of each purchase to the Charlotte chapter of Surfrider, a foundation dedicated to cleaning, protecting, and advocating for our oceans. The Charlotte chapter allows us to make a difference to the North Carolina coast that we call home.

Even the very fabric of our suits reflect a commitment to sustainability: made from nylon collected from landfills and oceans, our bathing suits are made from Econyl regenerated nylon. We believe that sustainability follows the butterfly effect: just as one delicate beat of a butterfly’s wing can generate a tornado, donating our profits bit-by-bit and committing to sustainable materials can (and will!) make a difference to the greater climate.

By all North-American calendars, April 22nd is designated as Earth Day. For some, April 22nd is simply a Wednesday, but for others, April 22 is a day for picking up trash on the highway and taking a moment to be grateful for all the gifts that earth has to offer. We hope we played a small part in inspiring the latter; after all, the earth’s resources may be limited, but our allegiance to protecting and loving its greatest treasures is absolutely not.

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