A few of my favorite beach destinations

A few of my favorite beach destinations

Every swimwear obsessed gal makes sure to take at least one tropical trip a year (hopefully more).  There is nothing that soothes the soul more than some Vitamin sea to bring you back to earth and feel connected with the beauty in mother nature.  These beaches are just a few of my favorites that I have been blessed to visit. You better believe that when I plan my next beach getaway, my suitcase will be full of my favorite suits from my Monarch Reign brand.

The Bahamas

Living in Florida and having the beach so close is truly a gift no Floridian should take for granted.  However, the silky soft sand paired with bright turquoise blue waters is unlike anything you’ll find in the Sunshine State. I love visiting the Bahamas because it’s so calming and easy to navigate, so you can truly relax.  The locals are friendly and helpful, so it’s a casual island vibe where all your worries can take a back seat, and you can soak up the surrounding stunning views.

The Bahamas is also the perfect place to check something off your bucket list like I did when I got to swim with the pigs.  It was such a thrilling experience to see these sweet creatures enjoy the ocean just like we do. I’ll never forget it, and I highly recommend it.



What can I say about Greece? The stunning contrast where the pristine blue waters meet the stark white vistas is breathtaking.  What you should always note when planning a trip to Greece is that different areas have different sand. Santorini beaches are mainly composed of volcanic sand and pebbles. It’s gorgeous and unique to look at, but if you are dreaming of white sand beaches, then head to a different city.  

What I genuinely love about Santorini is what lies beyond the beaches.  It’s also home to countryside wineries and archaeological sites for when you need something else to explore beyond the ocean.

The food is truly amazing, so fresh and flavorful.  Exploring off the beaten path and locating locally owned family taverns is where you can find the most authentic cuisine.  Of course, you can opt for a more commercial restaurant that gives you a gorgeous sunset dinner view.


Turks + Caicos

Small and mighty beautiful islands are precisely how I would describe Turks + Caicos. It’s an incredible destination if you are looking to truly detach from reality and be alone with your loved ones.  With ideal weather year-round you can plan a trip here whenever your hectic schedule allows because it’s always beach season.

Turks + Caicos is one of the most leisurely trips to pack for because you can live in your swimwear.  Your favorite suits, coral reef-safe sunscreen, and cash are all you need (and they accept the US dollar making things so easy). The barrier reef system integral to the local environment and creates for fantastic diving excursions. Once to you see it’s beauty, you will realize how delicate it is, and how important it is that we take better care of our waters.

My ideal trip to the island involves finding a local resort with rustic pavilions and private villas that are specifically designed to blend into the scenery of the island.  It adds to the feeling of a genuine escape, and you can indulge in quality time with fewer distractions.


St. Barth

No list of amazing beach destinations could be complete without St. Barth.  It’s a luxurious island known for the stunning white sand beaches and indulgent amenities.  We love staying there so much that we decided to get married on the island. Our ceremony was held at the Eden Rock, a hotel that sits right on the sands of St. Jean Bay, and has been operating for about 50 years. It made for the most beautiful backdrop on our big day mixing the rustic beauty of the grounds with the aquamarine waters that surround it.  

St. Barth is known for high-end boutiques and restaurants which may feel a little less like an island escape, but certainly gives you a lot of options for things to do during your stay.  Make sure to pack a little differently for the standard beach vacation. St. Barth is a destination see and be seen at.


I have so many bucket-list beach destinations I can’t wait to explore and share with you, wearing a Monarch Reign swimsuit of course.

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